• RICOH CV-10A XYZ 2D Color Analyzer Camera

    Based on a combination of Ricoh's unique algorithm, optics and image processing technology, the RICOH CV-10A is able to achieve highly accurate color measurements.

  • e2v's new UNiiQA + family of line scan cameras have been specifically designed to bring affordable, flexible and simple high speed solutions to your current inspection or sorting system. Thanks to e2v's exclusive CMOS image sensor technology, the UNiiQA+ covers all the resolutions from 0.5k to 16k pixels and speeds up to 100KHz.

  • Mikrotron high-speed recording system's 100,000fps lets you slow play, rewind, break down subtle movements, and capture the "moment"!!

TAIPEI Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2015

G4 Booth: M228
(TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall)
Inviting all to join in our festivities!!
SmartRay all-in-one Smart Sensor more info

SmartRay deliver 3D-sensors for industrial machine vision systems. Their sensors capture and analyze 3D information which are used to automate tasks in involving quality inspection, metrology and robot guidance applications. The calibration methods developed by SmartRay allows for measurements in the micrometer range!

Matrox DA 4.0 Officailly Listed more info

Matrox DA 4.0 Imaging Software: Easily and quickly solve machine vision applications without writing program code using an intuitive flowchart-based methodology.